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Small Caps’ upcoming IPOs page offers investors a preview of companies that are currently planning to list on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) and access to live deals. We include details of the IPO (Initial Public Offering) including company name, ASX code, issue price, capital sought and more. Investors can also view and track the performance of companies that have recently listed.

Total number of IPOs in 2021 = 178

Company nameASX codeIssue priceRaiseFocusInformation
Abarta Resources (23 Dec)AB1$0.20$6mMineral explorationWebsite
American West Metals (7 Dec)AW1$0.20$15mMineral explorationWebsite
Andean Mining (14 Feb)ADM$0.20$6mMineral explorationArticle / Video / Website
Armanda Metals (15 Dec)AMM$0.20$10mMineral explorationWebsite
Atturra (22 Dec)ATA$0.50$24.8mTechnology servicesWebsite
Australian Bond Exchange (6 Dec)ABE$0.65$10.4mBondsArticle / Website
AVADA Group (16 Dec)AVD$1.00$32.5mTraffic managementWebsite
Beforepay Group (17 Jan)B4P$3.41$35mFinanceWebsite
Belararox (21 Jan)BRX$0.20$5mMineral explorationWebsite
BirdDog Technology (20 Dec)BDT$0.65$33mAudio visual productsWebsite
Black Mountain Energy (13 Dec)BME$0.20$11mOil and gasWebsite
Careteq (10 Jan)CTQ$0.20$6mHealth & aged care technologyWebsite
ChemX Materials (20 Dec)CMX$0.20$8mHigh Purity AluminaWebsite
Cosmo Metals (27 Jan)CMO$0.20$7mMineral explorationWebsite
DMC Mining (22 Dec)DMM$0.20$5mMineral explorationWebsite
Dragonfly Biosciences (TBA)DRF$0.20$11mCannabidiol oilWebsite
Falcon Metals (22 Dec)FAL$0.50$30mMineral explorationWebsite
Far East Gold (7 Jan)FEG$0.20$12mMineral explorationWebsite
Felix Gold (20 Jan)FXG$0.20$10mGoldWebsite
Firebrick Pharma (28 Jan)FRE$0.20$7mNasal sprayWebsite
Greentech Metals (20 Dec)GRE$0.20$5mMineral explorationWebsite
Haranga Resources (21 Dec)HAR$0.20$6.5mMineral explorationWebsite
Infinity Mining (15 Dec)IMI$0.20$10mMineral explorationWebsite
IPD Group (17 Dec)IPG$0.29$40mElectrical equipmentWebsite
Killi Resources (20 Jan)KLI$0.20$6mGold and copperWebsite
Larvotto Resources (6 Dec)LRV$0.20$5mMineral explorationWebsite
Lukin Resources (TBA)LKN$0.20$7.5mMineral explorationArticle / Video / Website
My Rewards International (17 Dec)MRI$0.20$7mRewards programArticle / Website
Newmark Property REIT (6 Dec)NPR$1.90$128mReal estateWebsite
NICO Resources (11 Jan)NC1$0.20$12mMineral explorationWebsite
Orange Minerals (3 Dec)OMX$0.20$7mMineral explorationWebsite
Panther Metals (10 Dec)PNT$0.20$5mNickel and goldWebsite
Qualitas (16 Dec)QAL$2.50$335mReal estateWebsite
Resilience Mining Mongolia (14 Jan)RM1$0.20$6mCopper and goldWebsite
RocketBoots (7 Dec)ROC$0.20$4.25mSoftwareWebsite
Ronin Resources (16 Dec)RON$0.20$5mMineral explorationWebsite
Rubix Resources (21 Dec)RB6$0.20$4.5mMineral explorationWebsite
SensOre (28 Jan)S3N$0.85$12.5mExploration technologyWebsite
SHAPE Australia Corporation (17 Dec)SHA$1.96$2mBuilding and constructionWebsite
Solis Minerals (24 Dec)SLM$0.20$6mMineral explorationWebsite
The Hyrdation Pharmaceuticals Company (13 Dec)HPC$0.29$17mHydration productsWebsite
Top End Energy (7 Jan)TEE$0.20$6.4mOil and gasWebsite
Vertex Minerals (21 Dec)VTX$0.20$5.5mGoldWebsite
Virdis Mining and Minerals (19 Jan)VNM$0.20$5.5mMineral explorationWebsite
WA1 Resources (21 Jan)WA1$0.20$6mMineral explorationWebsite
Winton Land (17 Dec)WTN$3.89$350mProperty developerWebsite
XPON Technologies (16 Dec)XPN$0.20$12.5mCloud technologyWebsite

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